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Wash Day

Wash Day Experience | September Themes


KLP of Saving Our Strands and I are back with some fun themes for September’s wash day link up.  These weekly themes are not mandatory but we hope you’ll give a couple a try and share your experience with us!  For week 1, I’ll be giving Bobeam’s Coco Honey & Amla Conditioning shampoo bar a first time try. Can’t wait to check out your wash days and read about your…

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Picking Your Brain Responses


A reader asks: Can you recommend some cheaper alternatives for your staple products or products you have in your product review section? Hi there, I try to only recommend products that I have tried firsthand. Very sorry but if there isn’t a review posted of a product that cost less, I can’t really provide a recommendation :/ It would be like recommending a car because it drives well without ever…

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