Deena asks: I was looking at a picture of your gorgeous roller set, and then I realised..I don’t know why you do them! What purpose does roller setting play in your hair routine? Hi Deena, roller setting is a great way to achieve straight hair without using direct heat (viaRead More →

I started off by pre-pooing with a mix of hempseed, grapeseed, and safflower oil (ceramide cocktail lol!) for about an hour. Next, I clarified with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo. I hadn’t clarified my hair for a month so I figured I was due because moisturizing and sealing every night,Read More →

RedRose0701 asks: Hi Jen! Just a quick one- I started my HHJ this past Jan and as a result, I’ve not gone swimming, which I do to keep fit. I’m not too sure how I can incorporate swimming into it considering the effects of chlorine on black hair. Any advice?Read More →

HELP! I havent rollerset my hair in 2 years. The other day I decided to try it out. EPIC FAIL! My hair came out dry and tangled. It felt like a desert! how do you get it soft and smooth?!?!?! please and thankyou! I get my smoothest sets by doingRead More →