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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Next Day Hair

Took my hair down today and here as the results. I forgot to mention last post that before I cross-wrapped my hair yesterday, I applied a small (like half a dime size small) amount of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil to my hair. I've had this oil for nearly a year now but rarely use it because it's always stashed in a drawer somewhere. I like this oil a lot because it's very light but gives my hair a silky feel.

My mind is still set on giving myself a trim next touch up. My ends aren't awful but they could be cleaned up some.

I'm still trying my best to stay consistent with preserving my ends by doing the following:

  • I've started moisturizing and sealing my ends every night again, instead of every 2-3 days.
  • I'm going to stop using claw clips to pin my hair up because I think they're causing the hair in the front, that frames my face, to thin out.
  • I'm still applying a dime size amount of Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum every other day before I bun.
  • I either need to get my shears sharpened or purchase sharper shears before my next touch up (mid-March/end of March).
  • Doing a hot oil treatment before every wash.
  • Oiling my ends with hemp seed oil 1 or 2 times a week (but I forget to do this all the time).
  • Bunning, bunning, bunning. My BF is now sick of my buns, but it's winter! I'm bundled up in my coat and scarf, and sweaters. Having my hair rub against all the moisture-robbing-cotton and wool is a NO NO.

Thank you for the comments on the previous post of my roller set (((blushing)))! Y'all should have seen when I first learned how to roller set. It was AWFUL. I couldn't get the rollers rolled on tight, my clips would slip. I put too much hair on the rollers so my hair bunched up. Most of the time, my hair would just be this big puffy thing by the time it dried. There are one or two pics floating around here, I think (but really hope not lol).

Anyone else working on maintaing healthy ends? Any suggestions for a great pair of shears or where to get my shears sharpened?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Why A Cut Was Needed

Look at all those stringy ends, they had to gooooooo! This was my hair about 2 weeks before my touch up and trim. The length was there but it wasn't worth it to keep it when my ends were so thinned out.

I'll be sure to take a picture of my ends now the next time I wash my hair at home (I'm getting a wash and set this Saturday and trying out Paul Mitchell's new Awapuhi Wild Ginger line. I'm excited!)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update: Personal Healthy Ends Challenge

In the weeks leading up to my touch up in August, I complained a bit about the state of my ends. They were ragged, thinned, and in desperate need of a trim. I made up my mind embark on a personal Healthy Ends challenge for the remained of the year (here) and have been sticking to it ever since. I thought I post an update on how it's going and what I've been doing - all of which is pretty simple really.

Usual two pincurls
The biggest change I have made is choosing to either cross-wrap or pincurl my hair at night. I've posted in the past about pincurling my hair at night but I was not doing it on a consistent basis. Since I've been doing either of the two methods before bed, I have noticed an improvement. By either pincurling or cross-wrapping my hair, I'm decreasing the strain that a regular wrap places on my hair. Brushing my hair around my head, like a roller, is a lot of manipulation, especially as frequent as every night.

The second change I've made to my usual routine is that I now moisturize and seal nightly. I was previously moisturizing and sealing every 2-3 days but doing it nightly is keeping my ends smooth and less prone to breakage. I'm moisturizing with Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream or Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship leave-in (review coming in a few weeks about HE LTR). I have been sealing with either coconut oil or jojoba oil.

If I stay consistent with my care of my ends I believe I'll have less cause for setbacks and trims. I'll update again towards the end of October.

The texture of my hair has been improving as well

*forgive quickly. kiss slowly. love truly. laugh uncontrollably*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Setback :(

My goal for the remainder to this year was to reach BSL by December 31, 2010 but unfortunately that is no longer a guarantee due to the condition of my ends. My ends have seriously thinned out and have become very ragged and need to be trimmed. The front is worse, so I guess a cut to frame the hair around my face is the best way to go about trimming of the thin ends and growing them out. I'm going to take this all as a lesson and develop the best regimen for my hair.

I plan on ending my relaxer stretch on September 6th @ 11 weeks post and will trim my ends a bit and from there it'll be all about retain, maintain, retain, manitain. No longer shooting for BSL December 2010 but I'll focus on maintaining perfect ends and hopefully gaining around a little more than an inch a month (I don't know if I have an inch/month in me).

We'll see how my personal "Healthy Ends" challenge September-December goes, maybe I'll update at the end of every month to keep me motivated.

What has been your biggest setback?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Health vs. Length - Grabbing my scissors.

It makes me sad to say this, but a cut is in order. I've slacked on my hair care over the last couple of weeks and my ends have suffered for it. I posted a couple weeks ago that the state of my ends was in decline, and it has unfortunately worsened. What makes my problem tricky is that my ends have only seriously thinned in the front sections of my hair - the sections that frame my face - and it is entirely my fault.

My usual style lately has been to simply pull my hair up on a clip, putting repeated strain on the ends that frame my face because when I pull my hair back and twist it into a clip they take most of the tension from the teeth of the clip. Being so thin, they're taking away from my hair's overall look and health and have to be cut.

As for the remainder of my hair, the ends are in need of a smaller trim to bring them back to blunt. I HATE trims, but  I'm reminding myself that health trumps length. Achieving BSL with thin stringy ends is not worth it to me. I'd rather get rid of the ends now and focus on growing and maintaining nice blunt ends. easier said than done!

Off to find my scissors (crying inside...)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

9 weeks post: unruly new growth

side note: LETS GO CELTICS! 

I'm currently 9 weeks post relaxer and it's torture. Somehow, I forgot that my hair grows more during the summer and combine this tangles, I'm kind of miserable. Don't get me wrong, I'm estatic I have new growth to complain about, but it's beginning to frustrate me. 

I washed my hair last night and was mindful that my hair needs moisture. As my stretch lengthens, keeping my hair moisturized is a must. Even more so because it's summer and hair is being exposed to the sun and sweat, which is also causes dry hair.

I've supplemented deep conditioning weekly by applying Paul Mitchell's Instant Moisture Daily Treatment prior to deep conditioning. I love the way this stuff makes my hair feel. I'm so happy I included this into my weekly wash regimen. It really restores my hair's elasticity, provides great slip, and has a thick consistency-which I like in my conditioners. I don't use this a deep conditioner. I apply after I wash and leave in for a couple minutes (I want to increase time) and rinse, and then follow up with my deep conditioner. 
 Look at my roots, ahh!

But still, my new growth is unruly. I'm not inclined to flat iron so I will continue to keep my new growth moisturized.

On another note, I picked up some wrapping strips from Sally's last night. I had been meaning to incorporate these in my rollerset but never got around to purchasing a box. The strips came in a package of ten for $15.00. One of my summer goals is upping the care of my ends. I want to trim only when necessary, not because I didn't maintain healthy ends.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I ♡ me some healthy ends!

As much as I HATE (understatement) trimming my hair, I looooooooooooove healthy ends after a great cut.

I remember when I used to think long was lovely regardless if the ends weren't all that great (in my defense, I didn't know any better! ahaha) But noooooooooooow, I find myself taking points away from a head of hair that if the ends are not on point, regardless of length. Whether it be neck length or mid-back length, uneven, thin, or frayed ends just so unattractive!

I never felt this way before embarking on my healthy hair journey. I remember being so excited by hair was growing pass my shoulders all the while my ends were thin, split, and uneven. What was I thinking?

My stylist cut my hair a couple weeks ago and I was mad as hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll but I can't even hold it against her anymore. I'm loving my ends!

I'm so happy my hair is growing in thicker and healthier! Wooooooooooooooooooooo! ahaha. :)

This is the only picture I have of my ends when I first began this hair journey:

Pictures of my hair & ends a couple weeks post trim:

What I'm doing to maintain my healthy ends:
  • Deep conditioing 1x per week, focusing on my ends, as they're the oldest and need the most moisture
  • Moisturizing with Qhemet's Burdock Root Butter Cream every other night, sealing with sweet almond oil
  • Bunning and pinning my hair up almost every day to avoiding snagging and breakage against my clothes