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Wash Day

Wash Day


I really didn’t want to wash my hair. I kept putting it off. I thought about pre-pooing, detangling, and then whatever style I’d whip it into… and I just felt exhausted. My well of transitioning patience is running low y’all. Unless it rains soon, there will be a drought and drastic measures will be taken. Said well almost ran dry last night. I’d just finished deep conditioning and was stared…

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Hair Babble, Transitioning Talk

Transitioning Talk: Tempted to Cut

15 months & 2 weeks post relaxer

Hi there, just a bit of transitioning babble… I started this post fully ready to tell you that I’m so over my long transition and that I’m taking my shears out of the freezer… which is where I hid them to stop me from cutting my hair. But now that I’ve calmed down, I’m still tempted to snip, snip, snip, but I’m less inclined to do it before I’m ready….

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