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Challenges, Protective Styling

30 Days of Protective Styling


Now that I no longer have my nose wedged between the pages of bar prep books, I can happily get back to doing things that I enjoy without feeling guilty or overwhelmed… and that includes 30 day challenges! This month’s challenge will focus on protective styling. Prior to going natural, my go to protective styles were buns and faux bobs, but since February I’ve been relying on marley twists to…

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Hair Babble, Transitioning Talk

Transitioning Talk: Tempted to Cut

15 months & 2 weeks post relaxer

Hi there, just a bit of transitioning babble… I started this post fully ready to tell you that I’m so over my long transition and that I’m taking my shears out of the freezer… which is where I hid them to stop me from cutting my hair. But now that I’ve calmed down, I’m still tempted to snip, snip, snip, but I’m less inclined to do it before I’m ready….

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Q&A: Picking Your Brain Responses


Chelle asks: Hey Jen, my question isn’t about hair, its about your yoga routine. I see you doing your yogi thing and forearm head-stand. How did you get into yoga and what would you recommend (as far as at home videos) beginners to start with? Hi Chelle, I got started after falling in love with @laurasykora and @kathy0805’s Instagram accounts. For home practice I recommend, or YouTube for free…

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Hair Tips, Starting Out & Regimen Building

Change Your Mindset: Focus On Retaining Length Rather Than Speeding Up Growth

Two questions I am frequently asked are: “what products have you used to get your hair to the length it is today? What did you use to make your hair grow?” The products you see listed as my staples or that I blog about regularly on wash days have only helped me maintain the health of my hair and as a result, they’ve helped me retain the hair I grow….

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