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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting Bee Mine Serum

My nape unfortunately grows at a slower rate than the rest of my hair, especially my crown, resulting in the appearance of thin ends, which I hate and feel compelled to trim. I've vowed not to trim for the remainder of the year but I want my nape to grow somewhat at the same rate as my crown, so I started using Bee Mine Growth Serum this week. I have used this serum in the past and got results, so why not try it again?

I purchased the mango scented version, and I wasn't a fan of the scent at first (some women love it) but it's grown on me. I don't love and never will but I don't mind it. The serum came with an applicator tip but I felt it was just too big and too much serum would came out so I put the serum in my own bottle with a smaller nozzle. I apply to my scalp every other day and application is much more controlled in the smaller bottle.

This product contains sulfur. If you are allergic, this is a no-go. Interestingly enough I tried Boundless Tresses (another topical hair growth aid containing sulfur) a few months ago and it made my scalp burn after the first couple applications. I refused to give it another try and gave it away. However, Bee Mine has never caused any discomfort and burning. I cannot say this is a fact, but I think the Boundless Tresses has higher sulfur content than Bee Mine. Many women with scalps of steel (I kid, I kid) love BT but I just couldn't handle it.

I'll take a starting pic of my roots today and again in 4 weeks for comparison. Who knows, maybe this will give me an extra push towards the ever elusive one inch of growth a month. :O)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Fave: Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer

I love finding products that favors my hair. I purchased a sample size of Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer a month ago and I love it. I've had very little success with moisturizers that penetrate the hair shaft and moisturizer and DO NOT leave my hair weighed down. My strands are fine and get weighed down very easily, so finding a product that doesn't leaves me very happy.

I've been using Bee Mine moisturizer for a couple of weeks and I've been getting good results. I moisturizer my hair, more so the bottom half to my ends, every night and my hair doesn't feel weighed down and oily. The consistency of the product is very light and soft, more like whipped. Ingredients are all natural, paraben, SLS, and silicone free - just wonderful!

So happy I've found another moisturizer to rotate with my Qhemet's Burdock Root Butter Cream. BRBC tends to weigh my hair down a bit so I moisturizer every other night with it but I might reserve the BRBC for when I plan on wearing my hair up and used the Luscious Balanced Cream for when I'm wearing my hair out. Not sure... I'll figure it out, I'm just happy I have options haha ^_^