Friday, February 21, 2014

Product Review: Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner

Price: 8.4 oz for $13.99 / 16.9 oz for $22.99 / 1L for $37.99

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Promises: "Honey-Hemp Conditioner is a penetrating, detangling, seriously softening multipurpose conditioner, enriched with aloe vera gel, hemp oil, honey, and just a touch of hydrolyzed silk protein. (this is not your high protein rebuilding conditioner; we use just enough to make it silky ;o) HH has got great detangling slip and serious moisturizing power. It rinses cleanly and also makes a nice pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment. (add oil or extra honey for superior DC power!) It can even be used as a creamy, nourishing leave-in!"

Directions: "Slather on. Hum a tune. (To use as a pre-shampoo deep treatment, insert an hour and/or a warm towel here.) Detangle. Rinse Out. Ah yeah."

Ingredients: Purified water, organic aloe vera gel, behentremonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol (emulsifier derived from colza oil), honey, virgin hemp oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, hydrolized silk, citrus essences, fragrance, optiphen (preservative)... and LOVE!

The good: It's a very moisturizing deep conditioner that softens my hair on application. I have used it both on dry hair and damp hair, but find that it works best (for me) on dry hair. It contains lots of yummy humectants: aloe vera gel, honey, glycerine as well as fatty alcohol (cetearyl alcohol) and behentrimonium methosulfate, a mild conditioning agent that helps to detangle.

As you can see below it's on the thick, creamy side, which I like from my conditioners. On application, it does a nice job at sinking into my hair (below is a my hair right after applying the conditioner) and penetrates deeeper into my hair with time. It also has a nice amount of slip and works really well at detanling my hair.

The deal breakers: If I get this conditioner on my scalp, after a while it makes my scalp sting. The citrus-y scent is also very stron and makes my eyes sting and tear up. When applying the conditioner to my hair, it's kind of a race to get all my hair done before my nose starts to run. Lastly, it's too pricey! I purchased this conditioner durin Oyin's 20% Black Friday Sale and without a sale I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to purchase.

I really, really wanted to like this conditioner. So much so that I continued to go back to it over and over despite the stinging scalp and eyes, hoping that each time something would be different. But it's just the same story on different days. Sadly, as well as Oyin's Honey Hemp works for me, we must part out sepearate ways.

Have you tried this conditioner? Has anyone had the same reaction to it?

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  1. Oh no. I have been wanting to try this line and burning conditioner is definitely a deal breaker! while I'm sorry this happened to you, I'm glad I got to read your review. I definitely won't buy it now.

  2. Hi Jen! I just had big cut from shoulder length to low cut thats zero length to start all over again, want to know while on low cut do I keep doing these regimen to aid my growth which are: Moisturizing and sealing, washing weekly and on wash days do pre-poo, shampoo, tea-rinse, D.C., t-shirt dry, applying leave-ins and serum? Or how do I care for my hair while its low to aid growth? Thanks

  3. I'm not understanding: if you're having bad allergic reactions to the product (burning scalp, runny nose and eyes), why still use it? I would've either given it away to someone w/o allergies, asked Oyin for a refund, or just dumped it. Why risk your health for a product?

  4. I actually just ordered and received yesterday. I loved the smell and didn't have any burning. I put it on and sat under my huetiful steamer for abt 30 mins. My hair felt great, but of course because I have never used this conditioner before I dont know if it was the product or the steam lol.

  5. Hi Jen,

    I'm sorry this happened. I think I would also have given it a few tries like you did before finally dismissing it!

  6. This conditioner was awesome a few years back. Many said the formula changed and I didn't want to believe it. Well, something happened as it stopped working for me. I sold mine late last year.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy


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