Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wash Day | Textured Twist Out

I finally, finally, finally achieved a twist out that I like (not including the ones I get after removing my marley twists). Here's how my wash day went:

[1] Conditioned with for maybe an hour with Organix Vitamin E Conditioner under my Gold N' Hot heating cap. I've had this cap since 2009 and it still works as well as the day I bought it.
[2] After rinsing out the conditioner, I co-washed with As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner.

[3] Once I'd jumped out of the shower, I squeezed the excess water from my hair with a towel, applied my leave-ins, before twisting a section. Note: I used a very small amount of the Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflé on my sections. I learned the hard way the last time I used the gel soulfé that using too much will prevent my twists from drying completely overnight.

Before twisting I detangled each section with my long time fave seamless comb (Hercules Sägemann 5580) and then ran the comb through the last inch of my hair before ending the twist. I found that if I don't, by the time I get to the end of the twist my ends have coiled up and leaving them as-is won't produce neat ends when dry.

Ayyyyyyyeee there's hang time on my twists now

After unwinding the twists (quickest way I've found is to stretch one of the strands, causing the other strand to unravel) I split each twist into 2 or 3 and shook my head to fluff it.

I'm a million times over in love with the texture of my twist out. I finally feel like I'm not totally inept when it comes to styling my natural hair outside of puffs, marley twists, and straightening my hair. I'm even more excited (or impatient... to-mA-to, to-MAH-to) to grow my hair out for bigger, fluffier twist outs.

Oh and twist outs on my natural hair look completely different from twist outs on my relaxed hair. You can check out an old twist out on my relaxed hair in this post and this post . . . I know, I know. You probably read that last line and thought OF COURSE THEY DO, YOUR TEXTURE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! * excuse me while I go hide in a corner* I'm still on a learning curve. Seeing all these little differences is still amazing to me.

Tried any new styles lately? What are your twist out staples?
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wash Day | First Curlformer Set Since I Big Chopped

My straight hair lasted the week and survived my work outs, but my hair felt too dry to extend my wash. Here's how my wash day went:

[1] Pre-poo: sprayed hair with water and then applied Organix Vitamin E Conditioner. I've been using this for a month and I love it. It's moisturizing, smooths the cuticles of my hair.
[2] Co-washed with As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner (my review is posted here). I loved this as a relaxed head, and I love it as a natural head. It still does a great job at effectively cleansing my hair while leaving it soft.
[3] Coffee rinsed.
[4] Squeezed excess water from my hair with a towel and deep conditioned with Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque. I hate the perfume-y fragrance of this deep conditioner (I hate strong fragrances in general because many of them trigger migraines) but I love how soft and moisturized this conditioner leaves my hair. It also provides slip for easy application and finger combing.

You've most likely read (here) about my little freak out when I noticed my hair wasn't reverted back completely after pre-pooing but THANKFULLY after co-washing and deep conditioning, my curls were back. *twirls and throws confetti*

[5] Wrapped hair in t-shirt for 20 mins or so to soak up excess water.
[6] Sectioned off my hair and applied my leave-ins (Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Leave-in Conditioner and Organix Vitamin E Penetrating Oil) and set my hair with curlformer dupes that I bought on eBay and Amazon.

Side note: KLP, I remember a while ago you asked how do I store them and I don't think I ever answered you, but I keep them in a large box (purchased from Ikea).

Not a single cell in my body really felt like doing a curl former set but I'm trying to break my lazy hair habits. Per the norm, I used small sections to prevent placing too much tension o my hair as I pulled it through the CF. The downside of doing small sections is that I end up with tons of CF on my head but I've learned my lesson he hard way. Too much hair in a CF = breakage.

I let my hair dry air dry overnight in the CF and I was miserable because I had forgotten to slip the CFs down .5 to 1 inch from my scalp when I put them in. Leaving space between the mouth of the CF and your scalp is key when you plan to sleep in them because it lets the CF swing around without putting tension on your scalp.

After tossing around in bed I had my eureka moment and realized the CFs were too close to my scalp. I sat up and pulled all of them down a bit, curled up in my usual fetal sleep position and went to sleep. All was right with the world again... except I did have a moment of total vanity and where I prayed that Joe didn't FaceTime me before I got up and removed the CFs 🙈🙈🙈

Removing curl formers is much easier than putting them in. To remove, you pinch the mouth while stretching out the CF and gently slide it down your hair. Once I'd removed all the CFs I fluffed my hair a bit, without separating any of the curls.

As for how I preserve my curls during the week, I just pineapple my hair on top of my head.

Have you ever tried curl formers? Like them? Hate them? How did your wash day go? 
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

♪ Ode to My Curls: Baby Come Back ♪

With the exception of my roots that puffed up due to my work outs (thankfully camouflaged by the rest of my hair) my straight hair successfully lasted the week. I was tempted to leave my hair alone for another few days but my hair started to feel dry; it was definitely time to deep condition.

After spending 20+ years with relaxed hair, I never cared whether my new growth reverted back. Why worry about it when I'd just relaxed it? Fast forward 28 months since my last relaxer and 6 months after I finally chopped the last of my relaxed ends off... now I care.

My hair didn't fully revert after spraying it with water, or applying conditioner to pre-poo so I found myself standing in my bathroom having a mini freak-out, mentally cussing myself out, cussing out the heat protectant out and the flat iron, staring at myself like

But after co-washing and deep conditioning, my normal coils and curls were back and I was like


These tips are both relaxed and natural hair friendly.

[*] When possible, either air dry or blow dry hair on the cool/cold setting before flat ironing
[*] Always, always use a heat protectant
[*] Set your flat iron to the appropriate temperature for your texture
[*] Try to do only one pass of the iron when straightening your hair
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